What’s in Your Stash? Eve Lentz, Seattle Hempfest Historian

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Cannabis and hemp activist Eve Lentz has a long history in the movement that has encompassed every part of her life.

A member of the core group of the Seattle Hempfest since 1997, for the past 21 years she’s worked the festival’s history booth. The event is one of the largest hemp and cannabis events in the world, stretching along two and a half miles along Seattle’s Puget Sound each summer, with more than 100,000 attendees each year during the three-day event.

Lentz was also part of the staff for the 1996 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, along with fellow activist Gideon Israel, and famed author and activist Stephen Gaskin and his wife, Ina Mae Gaskin – who led the movement to legalize midwifery in the U.S.

Her list of friends is a who’s who in the cannabis and hemp activism space, and includes helping with start-ups of and memberships in historic groups, such as the November Coalition (with Nora Callahan), Grammas for Ganja ( with Jeanne Black, aka: Magic), Women of Weed, and NORML Women of Washington. Lentz was also on the committee that drafted the Washington State Initiative I-692, making the state legal for cannabis as medicine in 1998.

Courtesy of Eve Lentz

You might say Lentz has been a groupie for hemp and cannabis for decades, including a close friendship with the late Jack Herer, author of the groundbreaking, whistle-blowing book, The Emperor Wears no Clothes.

Herer gave Lentz his second book to edit, Mushroom Canon – The most high plant secrets of the Gods and Explorations revealing the end of the world as you know it. The edits are pending, but according to Lentz, Herer felt the book was more important than his first work.

Lentz spends a lot of time on her bed, with sentimental mementos and …

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Author: Sharon Letts / High Times

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