What’s in Your Stash? Jane West, CEO of Jane West, Inc.

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Jane West came into the cannabis space in 2014, via her past company, Edible Events & Co., offering up a 420-friendly space with gourmet appetizers and fine wine in a high end gallery in Denver’s art district. She lost her lucrative mainstream day job after she sported a vape pen on national television, in an attempt to educate the masses on the normalcy of cannabis use. 

Her name became her brand overnight after the incident, forcing her into the cannabis space full-time. Shortly thereafter she partnered with Jazmin Hupp, and together they gave women in the cannabis industry a place and a voice, founding Women Grow, in the male-dominated industry.

Not officially a cannabis patient, West refers to her cannabis use as a “healthy habit.”

‘I don’t have a list of symptoms I medicate for, but I also don’t feel the term ‘recreational user’ fits me either,” she explained. “That language downplays the wide ranging ripple effect of benefits the plant brings to my life.”

West feels her cannabis use promotes wellness, prevents against illness, and gives her a general overall feeling of well-being to her often hectic life of wife, mother, and CEO of her lifestyle brand, Jane West, Inc.

“I typically take just one or two hits at a time to help me focus if I have a big day ahead of me,” she shared. “I’ll take a puff of a mellow indica or an uplifting sativa – depending on the mood I’m looking for. If I have a big project in front of me that requires more focus, I’ll definitely use a sativa to uplift and clear my head. If I’m doing morning yoga, it will always be an indica.”

Courtesy of Jane WestWest gave up alcohol for cannabis a few years ago, …

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Author: Sharon Letts / High Times

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