What’s in Your Stash? Levitation Room: A SoCal Band’s Stash on the Road

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Traveling with your stash can be challenging. When your stash is your muse, as well as your remedy, networking from town to town becomes a given. Thankfully, cannabis is the world’s most beloved and commonly used beneficial plant on the planet, and even in illegal states, there are little stashes to be found everywhere.

Levitation Room has lived its young life on the road. Cannabis partakers since high school, the plant is part of who they are, infused into the lyrics of love song, Cosmic Flower, from its debut album, Ethos.

Cosmic Flower, tell me whyYour faded love keeps me satisfiedFloating around on a constant cloudBut I’m never coming down

The lyrics were penned by Julian Porte for the band that seems to be channeling an exquisitely orchestrated ’60s psychedelic rock sound.

Photo Credit: John ZabawaVintage Sound

Porte and longtime friend, Gabriel Fernandez, grew up as punks in Los Angeles. They were eventually inspired by the sounds of the ’60s and beyond, with Porte sharing that that’s when they learned to actually play their instruments well.

“When we started looking into what inspired punk rockers, that puts you into music from the ’60s – and that leads you to folk, blues, and jazz,” he explained from a rest stop somewhere in Arizona. “All this music was influenced by weed. The first time Gabriel and I smoked and listened to Reggae – Tuff Gong, Marley – it was a revelation.” 

Porte said their music is a combination of everything they’ve ever been inspired by, with all the pieces coming together for their unique, yet vintage sound.

The title of their first album, Ethos, was chosen purposefully, after learning that the Greeks used the word to describe the power of music to influence the emotions, behaviors, and morals.

They’ve toured …

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Author: Sharon Letts / High Times

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