What’s in your Stash? Megh McCalla, Miniature Artist

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Kansas City resident and miniature artist, Megh McCalla, loves to make tiny stashes that fit into the palm of her hand. Little dab rigs with little dabs, bags of tiny flower with all the accessories sitting on a petite remedy tray.

And although McCalla is not a cannabis patient, she would partake if she could, if only to inspire her art. But her home state of Missouri’s qualifying conditions won’t allow it. She can’t medicate or feed the muse unless the state votes to make cannabis legal for recreation.

Courtesy of Megh McCalla

The politically conservative state voted in favor of allowing the use of medical cannabis in the summer of 2019, but patients wishing to medicate with the herb will have to be at death’s door or suffer from a chronic condition to access it.

State’s qualifying conditions have long since been a bone of contention for serious cannabis patients and recreational users alike. While chilling at the end of the day might require a Valium, a glass of wine, or a sleeping pill, those Missourians wishing to use the alternative method of cannabis to replace pharmaceuticals – or even alcohol for recreation— are out of luck.

Courtesy of Megh McCalla

Stash as Advocacy

Even though she can’t partake of the plant legally, Megh McCalla feels her work can open barriers and start conversations about medicating and recreating with cannabis.

“The idea of having access to medical cannabis in my state is a wonderful thing,” she shared. “I didn’t intend my work to be educational, but they are definitely a step in that direction. I feel that it’s extremely important for people who don’t use cannabis to understand, not only the physical healing aspect of the plant, but also the emotional healing …

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Author: Sharon Letts / High Times

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