What’s in Your Stash? Philip Andrews, Founder & CEO of Tree Trunk Studio

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Philip Andrews’ love of woodworking is a family tradition, passed down through generations from his grandfather, Gerry Oorthuis, who, with his uncle, migrated from the Netherlands via a labor camp in Hamburg, Germany after World War II. 

“My grandfather learned woodworking from his brother, Henk – a renowned violin and harp maker,” he shared. “My father immigrated to Canada in 1956 and opened a woodworking shop of his own – where I learned. He built custom cabinetry and furniture right up until he died in 1999. He was 80 years old.”

Today, Andrews is still working in the same shop his father established, with a new shingle and focus as Tree Trunk Studio, with his Uncle Tom beside him. 

Philip (left) and Uncle Tom (right); Courtesy of Philip AndrewsGrowing up in Canada with a Dutch mother, Andrews said cannabis was never portrayed in a negative light.

“My mother smoked cannabis in the 1960s and 70s, and still occasionally smokes” he shared. “The day Canada legalized she went with a friend to attend the large public celebration, and smoked a joint at midnight in the crowd. Now, keep in mind, my mom is now 73 years old. She and her friend took public transit to be safe.”

Andrews’ first experience with cannabis was in high school, when he smoked with some friends.

“It was in the middle of the afternoon – we smoked in a car, then went and laid around in the park, laughing,” he continued. “Cannabis use, for me, is both medical and recreational, depending on the situation. I suffer from migraines, and use cannabis for pain relief, as well as a creativity enhancer during my design process.”

As a child Andrews remembers being in pain, crying and throwing up from the migraines. 

Migraines are a neurological condition causing multiple symptoms, characterized by intense, debilitating headaches. …

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Author: Sharon Letts / High Times

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