10 Comic Books You Should Finally Read In 2019

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With so many superhero movies on the horizon, it can be easy to forget that the stories actually originate from an artistic medium: comic books. While most people may think about costumed crime fighters when someone mentions comics, there are numerous genres and types of stories worth exploring.
Before 2019 dumps even more enjoyable comics onto your pull list, consider smoking a bowl and diving into some of these adventurous reads. The list is a mix of superhero classics and unique tales that don’t feature capes at all, so there’s something here for everyone’s storytelling tastes.
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10. Watchmen
Watchmen may seem hyped due to its esteemed place in pop culture, but let’s be real– it’s hyped for a reason: the classic series by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons really is that good.
A complete deconstruction of superheroes and the structural layout of comic books, Watchmen is one of those rare graphic novels that fires on every level. In the span of just 12 issues, Moore weaves an intricate narrative while thoroughly breaking down each character, giving readers a unique look into the psyches of various heroes as they face the biggest challenge of their careers. The book touches on the value of superheroes in an extremely dark way and incorporates the dreary, apocalyptic feeling of the Cold War in the ’70s and ’80s. It’s hard to boil the essence of Watchmen down to a paragraph without spoiling the intense plot. But just know the book doesn’t hold its punches when it comes to telling the readers exactly what’s wrong with hero worship during problematic times.
Courtesy of DC Comics
9. Batman: Year One
After being the star of continuous comic series for more than 70 years, it can be hard to pick out …

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