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Dylan Brady and Laura Les are on the same wavelength. Despite existing in separate envi­ronments for most of their musical journeys, the experimental duo comprising 100 Gecs is able to stay connected through their music. As is the case for their second studio album 10,000 Gecs due out later this year, Brady and Les remain locked into a successful creative process that transcends space and distance.

When we connect over Zoom, Brady and Les are stationed in their own respective loca­tions, but it’s clear even through the screen that their rapport, humor, and ability to flow togeth­er remains as strong as ever. Their collaboration is a great joy and a key element to what fuels their musical partnership’s success.

High Times Magazine, September 2022 / Photo by Chris Maggio

High Times Magazine: Growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, did you always know music was the path for each of you?

Laura Les: I always wanted it to be the path. I knew that it was going to be what I was going to do, but maybe not what I was going to be able to do, if that makes sense. I didn’t think I’d ever make any money doing it, so I was like, “Oh, well I’ll have to get a fucking job. A different thing. A job-type job.”

Dylan Brady: I found music a bit later. I was probably 18 when I was like, “I want to do this all the time forever.” I didn’t ever really think things that far down the line. Was just trying to make a bunch of tunes.

So you both enjoyed making music first and foremost and weren’t necessarily concerned with what would happen from that.

Brady: Definitely.

Les: We both enjoy making music for sure.

Was there …

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Author: Stephen Laddin / High Times

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