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Alpenglow Extracts, founded by professional snowboarder and cannabis connoisseur, Nathan Lind, is more than just the run-of-the-mill budding cannabis operation—it’s a passion project inspired by the thrill of the slopes, an admiration for the outdoors and, as we hope you might have guessed, copious amounts of weed. Lind credits his company’s appeal to the selective partnerships he’s carved out with leaders in the cultivation sector in Washington state. 

It’s not unusual for pro-athletes to get into marijuana, but it is uncommon for an athlete to heed the cannabis calling while shredding the pow. That’s precisely where Lind experienced his eureka moment. In the early 2000s, while traveling the world competing on the snowboarding circuit (and admittedly smoking a bunch of weed), he found an education in growing cannabis and the extraction process. 

After lots of trial and error, Lind recognized that he had something special to offer the concentrate market, setting out to establish a brand that combined the stoner spirit of his two obsessions: Snowboarding and cannabis. Lo and behold, Alpenglow Extracts was born. The products lend credence to the name Alpenglow, a natural phenomenon of reddish light that occurs in the mountains during sunrise and sunset. Articulating this wonder is impossible unless you’ve seen it for yourself.

“I thought it was a fitting name for a company that celebrates the beauty of nature and the power of cannabis products that also need to be experienced in person to appreciate,” Lind told High Times.

Alpenglow often offers blended offerings, and since these batches are limited drops—maybe 200-300 grams distributed statewide—they never get a second run. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Gary’s Cartel THCA, Courtesy Alpenglow Extracts

Gary’s Cartel, THCA Diamond Sauce

It looks like what sank …

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Author: Mike Adams / High Times

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