All at Once: An Interview with Tristan Eaton

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Most artists’ lives exist in several chapters. First comes the discovery phase, where the creator begins to recognize their creative voice, and the possibilities art offers, as they begin to realize their purpose. Next comes the grind portion, where they put their head down and try to find their voice, and their space within the larger community. 

From there, for the lucky few, comes the stride—where larger adoption and mainstream acceptance sets in, and it begins to seem like anything is possible. While many artists find their stride, fewer find the ability to transcend that initial niche and develop their voice across mediums. When we talk about artists transcending, and the modern greats like Kaws, Shepard Fairey and Banksy, Tristan Eaton is rarely left out of the conversation.

Born on the tail end of the ’70s, and witness to the rise and fall of some of the most iconic movements across the pop and counter-culture movements that have influenced so much of today’s aesthetic, Eaton is an American artist, illustrator and designer, although none of those titles are quite encompassing enough. With past work displayed everywhere from underground toy shops to the Super Bowl, not to mention having been shown just outside Earth’s atmosphere in actual space thanks to one of Space X’s trips to ISS, there are few mediums he hasn’t explored, and, frankly, propelled. 

Though many people, especially in major cities, will be familiar with his multi-story, intricate street art, Eaton’s career has spanned toy and sculptural design, comic and traditional illustration, brand and logo work and far more areas of the craft than even those of us paying attention often realize. Now showcasing highlights from his entire body of work at the Long Beach Museum of Art until October 3, his new …

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Author: Jon Cappetta / High Times

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