An Ode to the Edible King, Perry Farrell

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I want what Perry Farrell is smoking. More accurately, what edibles the Jane’s Addiction frontman is consuming. “I’m down to drink good wine and do weed,” he explained. “Well, I can’t smoke or it fucks up my voice, so I do edibles. (Dramatic Pause) EDIBLES!” At The Hollywood Bowl, Farrell spouted unconventional and conventional gold during song breaks. Even when music wasn’t filling up the bowl, Farrell didn’t let the show stop for a second.

It was the final stop for The Smashing Pumpkins and Jane’s Addiction. There’d been a few bumps in the tour, but it all ended with splendid rock and a whole lot of Perry Farrell quotes we couldn’t get enough of hearing, pondering, and wondering, how can we get high with Perry Farrell one day?

“Let’s Go Motherfuckers!” – Mr. Farrell 

The two iconic rock groups delivered more than trips down nostalgia lane together. Yes, “Jane Says” or “Tonight, Tonight” ignited a flood of feel-good memories of bright summer afternoons or lazy school days. However, even the band’s classics are gifts that keep on giving in the present. The two bands gave their fans more fond memories that’ll hit them like soft bricks when their songs hit the radio or, more accurately, Spotify in the future. 

Poppy set the tone for the night well—a mixture of rock and comedy. She’s got a lovely voice, especially when she screams, “Fuck the world, it’ll just fuck you back!” She followed that song with a brief silence and a pleasant, soft-spoken, “Thank you,” which had me howling. She just radiates rock—an artist just doing her own thing.

Jane”s Addiction / Photo Credit: Randall Michelson/Hewitt Silva-Live Nation“Wine, weed, can’t stop, can’t stop.” – …

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Author: Jack Giroux / High Times

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