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Cosmic Potency

Wendy Baker, founder of Space Gem, celebrated a decade of making edibles in 2023—a monumental achievement that stems from a lifetime of appreciation for cannabis culture, and a commitment to working exclusively with Humboldt County ice water hash. Her products have won multiple awards at cannabis competitions, including the Humboldt County Cup and the High… Keep Reading

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An Ode to the Edible King, Perry Farrell

I want what Perry Farrell is smoking. More accurately, what edibles the Jane’s Addiction frontman is consuming. “I’m down to drink good wine and do weed,” he explained. “Well, I can’t smoke or it fucks up my voice, so I do edibles. (Dramatic Pause) EDIBLES!” At The Hollywood Bowl, Farrell spouted unconventional and conventional gold… Keep Reading

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Comedian Mike Cannon Doesn’t Want To Talk About Phish

Taking 150mg of legal edibles before stepping on a stage probably isn’t ideal for most, but Mike Cannon took it as an opportunity to tape his third independently produced comedy special. “Mike Cannon’s Huge Mistake” was released on YouTube August 17th with no real plan other than to have a great time. And according to… Keep Reading

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Brand Spotlight: Pantry Food Co.

Founded in 2019, Pantry Food Co. specializes in cannabis-infused edibles crafted by award-winning chefs using only premium ingredients. Recently, the company moved in the direction of healthy pantry items for use in the kitchen.  But don’t take our word for it—Pantry Food Co. enlists and relies on the experts to ensure all products live up… Keep Reading

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