Blazed Cats: Commanding the Weed NFT Space and Supporting Mental Health

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Blazed Cats is ready to switch things up in the weed NFT space.

The weed NFT space mirrors that of the wider cultural phenomenon currently happening with the medium—innovation eventually gave way to people looking to make a buck, but through the haze surrounding weed-themed NFTs, we’re sure that the money Blazed Cats has raised to support mental health charities is a dope thing. 

We chatted with tom, a longtime cryptocurrency enthusiast with an affinity for lowercase letters; he serves as a member of the core team for the project. He was first exposed to the NFT scene via the wildly successful Crypto Punks and Crypto Kiddies, and the various cat themes already popping off at that moment. Right around the New Year, tom found himself going all-in on NFTs. In the process of that jump, he would be along for the ride when NFTs surged hard in late winter and early spring. 

—Courtesy of Blazed Cats

As for comparing that move into NFTs with his previous time in cryptocurrencies: 

“I mean the biggest difference for me is that barrier to entry because people were really still practicing the fundamentals of like trading in a market, but they don’t really understand it because there are cute cat JPEGs, that are at the forefront of it,” tom told High Times. “But regardless, there’s still a lot of things being traded and a lot of market activity. It’s really neat. For me, it’s neat because a lot of people will liken this to the traditional art space; this is more like an intro into how to trade assets and how to really understand the long term value of assets and that it could change over time.”

From tom’s perspective, it seems a lot less tech-savvy …

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Author: Jimi Devine / High Times

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