Get Paid To Smoke Pot, in the Name of Science

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Get paid to smoke weed? A deal made in heaven and a study could help investigators better understand how cannabis cultivation and processing impacts the final product—in quantifiable terms.

Today the team behind pre-roll and rolling paper maker DaySavers announced their partnership with the Cannabis Research Coalition and The Network of Applied Pharmacognosy (NAP) to embark on a first-of-its-kind study called The Science of Smokeability (SOS), and they’re willing to pay people to smoke pre-rolls—for science, of course. 

How do they plan on doing this? SOS is a two-year series of scientific experiments focusing on analyzing cultivation and processing metrics in order to evaluate which variables produce the most pleasant and least harmful smoking experience.

Currently, cultivators bend over backwards in order to maximize yield and THC levels. (This has led to unrealistic THC level expectations in some state markets.) But is cannabinoid content the main indicator of consumer experiences? Up until now, no study has ever evaluated how cultivation practices or post-harvest processing impact the smokeability of the final product. 

The SOS study promises to contribute significantly to the evolution of the cannabis industry by providing actionable insights that link cultivation and manufacturing practices to consumer experiences. The study is currently taking place over the course of two years, integrating controlled laboratory data from smoking experiments with consumer research about smoking experience with different variables.

“My business partner and I first learned about smoking machines from the tobacco industry when we were first starting Custom Cones USA, so when we heard the Cannabis Research Coalition was pioneering a study about  the Science of Smokeability we immediately got involved!” DaySavers founder Harrison Bard tells High Times. 

“The Science of Smokeability study is going to span over two years and be comprised of multiple phases of experiments and …

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Author: Benjamin M. Adams / High Times

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