Body and Cannabis-Generated Music Might Just Be The Future of Healing

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We know plants have a consciousness but have you ever wondered how we could actually tap into it and understand what they are communicating? This isn’t like an Audrey 2 but please cue the Little Shop of Horrors soundtrack. In the 1970s, a community of people started extensively researching communication with the dynamic plant kingdom. This led to creating an instrument that would measure the electromagnetic fluctuations from the surface of the plant and translate these impulses into sound. Imagine those little EKG pads they place on you in the hospital, but instead of the “beep-beep” of your heart, a symphony of strings plays like a song. The device works by measuring the variation in the connection between two metal probes. 

This created a discovery of a new level of plant perception and the ability for humans to communicate with them on another level. This community began to use a device that has a MIDI interface to transform the electrical impulses from a leaf or the root system to create music. Science has supported the hypothesis that plants operate with an intelligence different from that of human intelligence. As any gardener will tell you, the plants communicate and respond to those that work with them in close quarters. When you work in a garden and tend to the plant kingdom, you start to develop a relationship with them that is tangible, brings peace, and helps you feel connected to the bigger picture. 

With this developing technology, we have been able to understand plant intelligence like never before. People are even recording the music of Cannabis plants; the artists Joe Patitucci and Jon Shapiro created a symphony with Cannabis while they were traveling in South America years ago, before anyone was really venturing into working with Cannabis in this space. Now, …

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Author: Maggie Wilson / High Times

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