Chad Bronstein: Data, Synergy and Being the Best

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Over the past three years, Chad Bronstein has raised over $100 million across public and private markets, and he’s only getting started. The entrepreneur is the brains behind three successful companies, Fyllo, WeSana and Tyson 2.0, which provides a wide range of services in cannabis and psychedelics. Bronstein is here to help the cannabis industry grow in the myriad of ways that he can. 

While Bronstein’s full-time job is as the founder and CEO of Fyllo, he wears many hats as the executive chairman and co-founder of WeSana and the chairman of Tyson 2.0, which he co-founded with Mike Tyson. As head of Fyllo, his main day-to-day gig, there are already over 4,500 brands employing their services and buying data on a daily basis. 

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Fyllo Knows Data

Fyllo’s reach is extensive in the cannabis industry. The company is assisting cannabis supply chains with compliance-first solutions to handle the industry’s regulatory environment, as well as opening their eyes to their customers’ true interests. “That’s what we’re able to tell brands now,” Bronstein said. “This customer has a different attribute that you’re not targeting, different behaviors that you don’t know just by his typical behaviors, and that’s what we do.”

Given that the cannabis industry is constantly evolving, Fyllo wants to keep companies up to speed. “The key is the markets change all the time and local jurisdictions are ever-changing, and it’s hard to stay afloat with what’s going on in those local jurisdictions,” Bronstein said. “What we’ve been able to do is have real time automation that allows the top MSOs, SSOs and brands to stay ahead of what’s going on in the global markets.”

Bronstein is not an entrepreneur in the cannabis space who’s all talk. …

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