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Dina Hashem believes the gulf is a distance between what audiences want to pay to hear and what she wants to joke about. The comic makes it sound freeing and stressful, almost an opportunity for both creative freedom and distancing. Hashem’s stand up can similarly embody multiple contrasts, effortlessly and effortfully. 

For example, Hashem appears both confident and uncomfortable on stage. 

Look no further than her most recent special, Dark Little Whispers (now available to stream on Amazon). The comic scores big laughs without a whole lot of bells or whistles. Hashem’s low-key delivery often just highlights how strong her material is; it doesn’t need a lot of seasoning or sugar, if you will.

How do you feel after the release of your special? 

Mostly anxiety. 

So you’re not enjoying the sense of accomplishment?

Oh no. I never feel that way. I’ve been waiting my entire life to feel a sigh of relief that I’ve done something properly. Maybe that’ll come someday.

Maybe a year from now you can breathe that sigh of relief about the special?

A year is optimistic. We’ll see. We’re all going to die, aren’t we?

Very true. Do you look into how people react to the special or just put it out there and let it be?

Well, it’s not even that I’m afraid of what people will say. I’m afraid people won’t say anything. I’m just afraid people won’t see it with the fucking algorithms. They get in your head where you’re like, oh my God, I can’t reach the people I’m trying to reach. It’s very, very frustrating, but whatever.

I feel Dark Little Whispers would bring comfort to shy people or anyone …

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Author: Jack Giroux / High Times

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