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Comedian Dina Hashem Senses a Gulf

Dina Hashem believes the gulf is a distance between what audiences want to pay to hear and what she wants to joke about. The comic makes it sound freeing and stressful, almost an opportunity for both creative freedom and distancing. Hashem’s stand up can similarly embody multiple contrasts, effortlessly and effortfully.  For example, Hashem appears… Keep Reading

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The High Priestess: A Stoner’s Guide to Gemini Season

It’s as summer shimmers like a mirage, teasing in the distance, that we enter the domain of Gemini. A flourishing frenzy of inspiration and transformation, this air sign season lasts from May 21st to June 21st and is one that asks us to embrace all aspects of ourselves, all of our dualities and polarities with… Keep Reading

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