The High Priestess: A Stoner’s Guide to Gemini Season

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It’s as summer shimmers like a mirage, teasing in the distance, that we enter the domain of Gemini. A flourishing frenzy of inspiration and transformation, this air sign season lasts from May 21st to June 21st and is one that asks us to embrace all aspects of ourselves, all of our dualities and polarities with patience and presence. You can’t escape the gaze of Gemini; this etheric, transcendent, smoke that moves like a panther silently stalking its prey. As a mutable sign, this is a season that asks us to melt, to let go of rigidity, and to embrace the energy of being malleable, of our ability to adapt and evolve.

Represented by the glyph of the twins, Gemini is the only sign of the zodiac whose symbol is two beings. This speaks of Gemini’s instinct to merge in partnership and their duality, as well as of the multifaceted nature of this sign. Like all air signs, Gemini is committed to truth, growth, creativity, renovation, and intellect. They see what we all see, and then they refract it, bend it, break it, in the end seeing things in their unique way. Gemini is the smoke that swirls through your lungs after you take a deep hit of your favorite joint, it is the shift that happens when you’re stoned.

Of course I’m curious about what else us stoners can expect this air sign season, so I asked one of my favorite Gemini’s—The Tarot Lady, Theresa Reed. Author of The Tarot Coloring Book and the co-author of forthcoming Tarot For Troubled Times, Theresa is a tarot reader and astrologer who explains how cannabis can actually help ground us this Gemini season.  “One of the problems with Gemini energy is that it is easily bored …

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Author: Gabriela Herstik / High Times

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