Conway The Machine on Using Cannabis to Heal, His New Strain ‘Scatterbrain’ and Magic Mushroom Mimosas

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“I use it in my healing process,” Conway says while puffing on a tightly rolled blunt at home, following a nearly three week stint in the hospital and two surgeries on his leg. “It helped with both my injuries…when I broke my leg and when I got shot. And it helped with dealing with my mom’s open heart surgery.” 

Throughout his career, Conway has overcome physical and mental challenges and cannabis has always been there to help him heal.

After charting number one on the iTunes Hip-Hop charts with his latest album Won’t He Do It in May and just days before he was set to embark on a national tour, Conway The Machine’s summer plans abruptly changed when he fractured his right tibia and dislocated his knee cap. 

“I felt like I had just ruined my whole summer,” the Buffalo MC said during an interview with High Times earlier this summer.

Photo by Erick Sasso (@SASSO)

For Conway, recovering from the leg injury has been similar to recovering from getting shot in the head. The mental part of recovery is more challenging than the physical part. “But you know, I smoke my flower and I’m alright.”

“I didn’t realize it would be like that,” Conway says while reflecting on the mental challenges of dealing with the leg injury. “I think with anything that’s kind of traumatic, you know, you’re going to have the mental element of it. I was kind of down on myself when this initially happened…I was supposed to go on tour in a week, I just had all these thoughts about how bad I blew it for myself. So I was just kind of down on myself mentally.” 

But Conway isn’t dwelling on the past, he …

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Author: Lexis-Olivier Ray / High Times

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