Enlightened and Bejeweled: The High-End Jewelry Designed by Carole Shashona

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You can find the high-end cannabis-inspired jewelry by Carole Shashona at Barney’s of New York. The retail location brings cannabis culture out in the open in a big way.
The designer came into her own in the world of fashion, raised in the presence of fashion and art icons such as Valentino and Andy Warhol in his Factory in New York in the 1960s.
“I have been blessed to have lived such an extraordinary life,” she shared. “Being raised around fashion icons like Valentino and artists like Warhol taught me how art and fashion are a way to express oneself and make a statement without saying a word. I had something to say. I wanted to break the stereotypes of cannabis advocates, remove the stigma, and start talking about it so more people could have safe alternatives. If we don’t talk about it, it will never get the research so it can be further developed and more accessible as a real option for people.”
The drug culture was no stranger to Shashona, who admitted learning to roll expert joints while attending the High School for Performing Arts in New York—famous from the 1980 film Fame.
“I was a dancer and was high on life—I became the the designated joint sifter and roller,” she laughed. “I can roll a really tight joint.”
Carole in the 1960s, outfit by Pucci; Courtesy of Carole Shashona
Though she doesn’t consider herself a patient, Shashona has seen many of her friends helped by cannabis. Six years ago, she became aware of its properties from clients who were going through chemotherapy for cancer, and used cannabis for side effects associated with the treatment. Since then, she’s witnessed cannabis help those with PTSD and relieve anxiety, though she’d like to see …

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Author: Sharon Letts / High Times

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