ExpendaFarms: A Different Kind of Celebrity Cannabis Brand

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Founded in 2016 by weed-worshiping West Coast reggae-rock royalty, The Expendables, ExpendaFarms is a holistic and localized alternative to the typical flashy packaging/licensing deal shtick. While most mega-hyped celeb brands throw money at overblown marketing campaigns—often neglecting flower quality in the process—vertically integrated ExpendaFarms lives and dies by their legacy cultivation practices and robust “hand me down” genetics, rendering a clean, terpene-rich flower that meets or exceeds their own strict, self-implemented standards. By establishing a 0.0PPB policy and laidback company culture steeped in lifelong friendship, ExpendaFarms breaks the mold and raises the bar for the next wave of celeb-branded cannabis ventures.


It all started when they were kids. Just a small town group of troublemakers known to cruise Pleasure Point, Geoff Weers (vocals/guitar), Adam Patterson (drums), Raul Bianchi (lead guitar), and Ryan DeMars (bass) have as much history in cannabis as they do in music—or is it the other way around?

Immersed in the quintessential old-school Santa Cruz grower lifestyle from the jump, founding partner and fellow childhood pal Blake Gallick explains that for ExpendaFarms, “It’s all about that legacy mentality – hand me down genetics, information, and knowledge from these old growers. Our grandparents, Cam’s [former band member and founding partner of ExpendaFarms] dad, my uncle … they all had a big influence on cannabis and the direction that we were steered at a young age.”

Their career as a touring band began as teens in the late 90s, and the guys were exposed to a variety of genetics from growers in every corner of California. Gallick says, “It started with backyard shows, colleges, a lot up in Chico, then northern California, the Bay Area, then SoCal … their weed consumption was huge and everybody knew it at the shows. They were passed so many …

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Author: Allie Adams / High Times

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