Two State Police Groups Now Back Legal Weed

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Two West Coast police groups have changed their positions and now support federal cannabis legalization efforts, marking the first time that a statewide police officers organization has called for an end to the nation’s prohibition of marijuana. In a recent announcement characterized as a “historic shift,” the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC) and the Oregon Coalition of Police and Sheriffs (ORCOPs) expressed support for federal legislation creating a legal pathway for marijuana to be legalized from coast to coast.

“The ship has sailed,” PORAC wrote in a policy position paper cited by SFGATE announcing the group’s call for legalizing weed at the federal level, “and for the vast majority of Americans, cannabis is legal and accessible.”

The two groups represent thousands of law enforcement officers working for police and sheriff’s departments across California and Oregon. In an announcement from the Coalition for Cannabis Policy, Education, and Regulation (CPEAR), a cannabis policy group funded in part by interests in the alcohol and tobacco industries, the two police groups expressed their support for the Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States (STATES) Act. If passed, the legislation would amend the federal Controlled Substances Act to exclude cannabis activities undertaken in compliance with state or tribal regulations. 

“The STATES Act does what every federal bill should do –help all 50 states succeed in the policies they choose,” CPEAR executive director Andrew Freedman said late last year when the group endorsed the STATES Act. “Whether you are pro-legalization or anti-legalization, we can all acknowledge the current federal posture of having its head in the sand is not working.” 

“This bill will create the commonsense guardrails that will protect our youth, protect our roads, battle against addiction and psychosis, and keep cannabis out of communities that do not want it,” he …

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Author: A.J. Herrington / High Times

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