Farm Cut Provides a Model for Cannabis Farming and Collaboration

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In 2022, in the heart of late-stage capitalism, collaboration instead of competition in any space is rare and nearly a thing of the past. Farm Cut is aiming to change that. While other brands are vying for who has the best weed, the dankest ganja, the loudest buds, and calling everything else shwag, Farm Cut takes a different approach by working collaboratively to grow the very best.

Farm Cut is a group of five family farms found in the fertile, outdoor-grow-friendly regions of Northern California. It’s made up of Briceland Forest Farm, Down Om Farms, Emerald Spirit Botanicals, HappyDay Farms, and Whitethorn Valley Farm. Each participating farm focuses on regenerative and organic practices to cultivate cannabis with earth-friendly methods instead of farming in artificial conditions. The farms also offer local produce to their neighbors, which, in turn, cultivates a relationship of care and support within their community.

What also makes Farm Cut stand out among its peers is that they don’t trim. Yes, you read that right. The farmers don’t remove the small sugar leaves that surround the buds.

Daniel Stein of Briceland Forest Farm explains the reasoning behind this bold move.

“We actually don’t trim; Our process is that we buck it down off the stem after it’s fully dried,” he said of the process of running your hand down the stems to remove the buds. “The cure happens after it gets bucked down, and then when we’re ready to package, we take off any stems, bigger leaves, and just kind of brush it with gloves.”

Courtesy of Farm Cut The result of this method is incredibly fragrant and flavorful outdoor herb with an extra layer of protection from the elements.

Cannabis is prone to degradation due to factors such as light and humidity, …

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Author: Addison Herron-Wheeler / High Times

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