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Baltimore rapper Shordie Shordie is not afraid to be transparent with his emotions. His new album A Life For Two, plays out like a Romeo & Juliet story, songs radiating with heartbreak, relationships, and the things that could be. On the track “Balcony,” Shordie asks his lover about their absence and the lack of care for him—conveniently appearing for lust and intimacy instead. Shordie dabbles in the things we bottle, the things we ruminate when love comes into play. Shordie Shordie speaks with High Times about vulnerability in his music, his new weed strain, and the DMV’s visibility in the mainstream.

High Times: Recreational weed has been legalized in Baltimore. How do you think that will affect your city for better or worse?

Shordie: At this point I don’t really think it’s going to do anything [for the] better because I think people still get pissed at work. And if you get pissed then you pop up dirty. I think you get fired. They got some other laws that they got [to] loosen up around here for the weed too. But I mean, hey, I don’t know. I don’t think it’s too good for us, because shit like that. When you legalize it on that tip, it ain’t too good. You saying everybody outside can smoke but the people that got a everyday job, they can’t smoke. That don’t make sense. Some of them be the main ones that need to smoke. I ain’t going to lie to you because I be getting on people’s nerves on a day to day. Motherfuckers that work in regular places. So I know they be needing to smoke more than me.

You recently just entered the weed industry with your own …

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Author: Anthony Malone / High Times

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