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When Stevie Williams appeared in Element’s Fine Artists Vol. 1 nearly three decades ago, he made a strong first impression on the skateboarding community. Credited only as “Lil Stevie,” Williams wove intricate lines—skating both regular and switch stance—through Philadelphia’s LOVE Park with abilities well beyond his early teenage years.

From that point on, Williams has become synonymous with the iconic plaza and East Coast skateboarding. Every video part he has released features increasingly technical tricks at home and abroad, all with his relaxed, unique style. As he honed his abilities on the board, Williams has fine-tuned his business acumen as well. Establishing respected brands ranging from hardware to softgoods, he has not only cemented his own credibility but launched the prolific careers of others as well.

Today, Williams is based in Los Angeles, still skating with the same swagger that put him on the map back in 1994. When he’s not piecing together tricks at JKwon, he’s hitting the gym, being a father, and developing his newest endeavor—Lord Williams Farms. High Times caught up with the North Philly legend to talk about his years coming up, the role that cannabis plays in his skateboarding and training regimen, and his plans for the future.

Frontside noseslide / Photo by Liam Annis @liamaphotography

What was the motivation to start taking an active approach to fitness?

It was really just being bored. My kids were going to school in the mornings, and I didn’t have anything to do afterwards. I felt like I was kind of getting out of shape anyway. So I started looking up some workout stuff. My uncle, he’s a huge trainer, so he was always trying to get me in the gym. I felt like it was a good time to try to …

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Author: Elliott Wright / High Times

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