Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #33: A New Year of Flame

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I’m so glad January is almost over. The winter days kind of gel together into this endless cold and gloomy haze that’s just miserable. It simultaneously feels like it’s both the first day of the month, and the six hundredth, and I never feel warm, like, inside, ya know? And I’m reporting from Los Angeles, so I could only imagine the icy hellscape you guys are facing elsewhere in the country. We’ve been bombarded with rain, but it’s better than snow, I guess. At least the sun is starting to shine again… So not all is depressing! Last weekend the First Smoke of the Day gang had their first ever Family Reunion, and it was honestly one of the best weed events I’ve been to yet. Ballers from across the nation, not just the state, pulled up, and it was great to see some flame from across the country under one roof. It was a nice departure from the seasonal hibernation many of us find ourselves undertaking. Remember to get out there and hang out with your friends. Or strangers. Other living things, really. It helps during this time of year. 

I digress, I know why you’re here, so here it is. The best heat that I’ve uncovered as of late. I mentioned in the past that the barrier to entry to this list is ever rising, but competition’s getting heavier than ever, so buckle up. No whammy’s on this side. However! I’m not ignorant enough to think I know EVERYTHING. There’s always more gems to dig out. If you’ve seen a shooting star, or got something worth showing off, holler at me! It’s @joncappetta across platforms.

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