Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #38: Y’ALL LOVE FLOWERS?

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Hall of Flowers felt a little different this year. Widely regarded as the flagship trade show for the industry at this point, this was the first year that HOF felt a little BizCon-y, and I mean that in the absolute nicest way possible. With less flower than ever on display, and less rooms to view even, I wouldn’t blame this as much on the production team as I will the state of the industry right now. Shit’s tough out here, especially in California, and the only ones with real budget to spend are the picks & axes guys, like service and technology providers. Most of the brands simply can’t afford the booth price, and many that can believe they’ll find more ROI keeping their heads down on their various specialties. It’s a hard time to be outside, despite probably needing to be more than ever. I went on a little rant about this on my instagram yesterday, but let’s all try to remember that all our OG’s could really use our support right now, and every jar purchased or ticket acquired is voting with your dollar, and your attention. So while I’m about to list my favorites below, I would also encourage you think about who wasn’t able to make it out this year for whatever reason, and consider that your business makes all the difference to most of us. This goes double when times are tough, like right now.

It’s not all bad though! I actually want to call out a very smart move by the HOF team, something that shows where their head’s at and illustrates the helping hand they’re trying to offer to the little guy, and that was that small business section that topped …

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Author: Jon Cappetta / High Times

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