Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #40: The Second Annual Belated Hash Off

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Everybody goes crazy for 7/10 now, just like they do for 4/20, but this one seems to be hitting its commercial stride far faster than our OG holiday did. If I could show you the amount of pitches I got for distillate vapes or edibles this year (because they’re made with oil, right?! idiots) you may lose hope in what we’re doing here. It was honestly depressing. But fret not young padawans, because I cut out the bullshit, and just like last year I waited until the hype died down a bit to remind you that we’re always here, and we always need to get high. Don’t let them take our days and Hallmark-ify ‘em!

This month has been busy, I’ve traveled to sesh’s from Texas to Sacramento, and got to partake in events like Jimi’s latest Transbay qualifier, and the ‘final’ Dead & Co show, which we all know will only be the last one for like another few months. The latter was a crazy experience, as we watched the show from a luxury suite in Oracle Park to close out Lot Comedy & Chronic Culture’s ‘The Last Shakedown’ art show, and I got to trip out and enjoy several hours of music with friends like Sacred Fruits & Fidel, among others, some of whom are mentioned below. There was even a surprise drone show that honestly blew me away. I believe there’s a recap doc coming about that weekend you should keep an eye out for, if you like that kind of stuff. And I’m sure there’s footage of the drones online, if you can’t wait.

That’s the ramble for this month. As always, you’re welcome to yell at me for missing something or put me …

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Author: Jon Cappetta / High Times

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