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Few cannabis operations in America can enjoy the level of respect from peers Preferred Gardens has through its rise in California to its massive Florida launch that has many calling its flower the Sunshine State’s finest. It’s the same story back home in California. Not only is Preferred Gardens a contender in the debate about the best flower, but it ranks high in both indoor and mixed light. Its winter light-assisted harvests are among the most flavorful things you’ll taste in California.

Preferred Gardens is essentially as mom-and-pop as multistate cannabis operations can get. Founder David Polley and his wife Nicki do a lot of the work. They’re backed by a small cultivation team that helps Polley in California, Florida, and Michigan as needed to produce the high-end flowers. Polley has trained people on their growing style for the out-of-state efforts.

We sat down with Polley to get his take on the recent hype levels he’s experienced on both coasts. There isn’t really another guy at the moment who is growing flower both indoor and mixed light and getting the same level of recognition. So our first question: What is it like to be that guy?

“I know why. It’s because they’re both individually extremely hard, right?” Polley told High Times. “Especially mixed light, it’s ridiculous. It’s so relentlessly hard to deal with at all times, being head of cultivation of my own site, just controlling that facility all the time is a bitch compared to like these indoor facilities.”

High Times Magazine, May 2023

Polley laughed and explained that the amount of people who have made the switch from growing in greenhouses to growing indoors.

“Most of the guys that have come from greenhouses, they’ll tap into indoor and …

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Author: Jimi Devine / High Times

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