Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #44: Green Everyday

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It may be the first week off I’ve had in ages, but you know I couldn’t let another month close without dropping you a new list of heat to acquire. I know last week was all about supposed deals amidst all the stuff we’re already thankful for, but the good news is over here life’s green everyday – we don’t have to limit it to just one that’s designed by corporations to suck your coffers dry. There are always deals if you know where to shop!

Anyway, November’s just about over, it’s officially (at least) hoodie weather everywhere, and the real holiday madness is about to begin. I’ve already seen several Christmas ads, and parking lots turning into open-air tree markets, and I’m already sick of the holly jolly nonsense. Maybe I’m cynical, maybe I’m old, but this is by far the least Christmas spirit I’ve ever felt, so, drugs it is to spice things up. 

Below are some of my latest favorites, as well as some fun events happening this week that I figured I’d throw in in case you’re in town. For those on the east coast, we’ll be rolling pretty deep to Miami next week for Terp Basel. Come hang out!

As always, feel free to pop me a line on twitter to tell me what you hate about this, or on the rare occasion what you loved, I’m always happy to argue with you. 

Preferred Gardens

Courtesy Preferred Gardens

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