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Departing Berkeley, California on a foggy Wednesday morning, I was in for a treat. I knew I was headed to my favorite place and to what is, in my experience, the best cannabis farm in the world. On the drive north, everything got more beautiful, sunnier, golden, and green. I drove all the way to Dos Rios Farms in Dos Rios, California. This farm opens my heart. The locale and the people there are unparalleled and so is their herb.

Dos Rios is in northeastern Mendocino County on the way to Covelo. The road to Covelo has a complicated history. Covelo is the end of California’s Trail of Tears and Dos Rios is about halfway down that road. I came to visit Mark Thies and his wife Leslie Hines at their farm. They have one bustling little nursery and two 10,000-square-foot cultivation sites where they work to breed and grow some of the most unique and impeccable varieties of cannabis in the world. It’s the most beautiful of the hundreds of cannabis farms I’ve visited in my life. The location is unique; an overwhelming sense of peace and protection comes over you as soon as you arrive on the farm. Their land almost magically keeps freezing temperature snow off the plants and buffers against high temperatures and fire. The best vibes reflect directly in the herb grown at Dos Rios, which is cultivated by people who are truly committed to an organic lifestyle. They are my favorite for good reason; they cultivate and breed the best cannabis I’ve ever had the joy of discovering.

High Times Magazine, October 2023

All the product from Dos Rios Farms is fantastic. Some of the most notable strains of theirs I’ve tried are Fruity Booty, Lemon Crème (which placed …

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Author: Allie Butler / High Times

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