Majority of Texans Now Support Legalizing Pot for Adult Use

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A statewide poll in Texas revealed that six out of 10 adults support legalizing cannabis in the state—the first time the poll has shown a solid majority. The issue of cannabis is gaining increasing bipartisan support, gaining support from states that typically vote blue or red.

According to results from the 18th annual Texas Lyceum Poll, 60% of adult Texans say they support adult-use cannabis—representing a 14% jump from the last time the survey asked about marijuana in 2015.

“Overall, 60% of Texas adults say that they support legalizing the use of marijuana in Texas, a 14 point increase since the question was last asked in 2015, when a majority of voters (50%) expressed opposition. Asked about expanding legal casino gambling in Texas, 57% of Texans said they would be supportive of expanded casino gambling, while 28% said they would be opposed.”

The Dallas Morning News reports that only older adults, Republicans, and self-identified conservatives were divided on support for adult-use cannabis. Among Texans over the age of 65 and Republicans, 49% said they support legalization, and among those who identified as conservative, 46% were in support, and 31% of those polled said they oppose cannabis legislation.

The questions weren’t always clear as to why people oppose legalizing cannabis. For instance, some simply want to decriminalize it instead: Among those who oppose legalization, 42% said that they would support decriminalizing possession of small amounts to a citation and fine. The poll also asked about numerous other topics such as politics, religion, housing, and space exploration. Gambling is also gaining support in Texas, according to the Texas Lyceum Poll.

In November of this year, the Texas Lyceum will hold a conference on South Padre Island entitled, “Win, Lose or Draw: The Future of Marijuana and Gambling in the Lone Star State.”

The state’s unique politics come into play when it comes to …

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Author: Benjamin M. Adams / High Times

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