Matchbox Twenty Is Back And Ready To Rock The Nostalgia

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Rob Thomas has a story to tell. In an interview over Zoom, the prolific songwriter dives right in, sharing an anecdote about a high encounter with High Times years ago. “Two times in my life I’ve been the highest I’ve ever been, and one of them was at High Times for a photo shoot,” Thomas said. “I thought the set up was amazing because you had the door to High Times and then you had the door to High Times’ attorney right next to it. I figured that was pretty practical back then.”

While times have changed and legalization has expanded since Thomas’ 2005 High Times interview with Shirley Halperin, one thing has remained constant: The relevancy of Matchbox Twenty.

With their first new album in 11 years, Matchbox Twenty is still very much top-of-mind and has a slew of upcoming tour dates to flood audiences’ ears with new tracks—and older hits—which for many serve as beacons of past experiences. “Now we’re at a phase where we’re at a show and you see people who have known one of our songs for 27 years,” Thomas said. “They’re connecting with how they felt when they first heard that song and they’re connecting with who they were and where they were in their life at that time. It’s an entirely new experience. The song used to be a vitamin and now it’s a time capsule.”

For Thomas and Matchbox Twenty, Where The Light Goes presents an opportunity to create new time capsules for an entirely new audience and feed existing fans a new dish—one that feels more akin to seeing an old friend for the first time in a while, picking up right where you left off, and learning of all their new adventures. …

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Author: Stephen Laddin / High Times

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