Moderators for Reddit’s /r/trees On Overseeing 1.3 Million Pot Fans

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Reddit is a website that evokes an array of feelings from people. Some consider it a community of news and information. Others view it as a den of hive-minded thoughts where some heinous behavior can occur. 

Depending on where you are, both can be 100% correct. 

Yet, one of the more wholesome and enjoyable subreddits, or community dedicated to a topic, is its cannabis-centric subreddit /r/trees. The subreddit, or sub, is dubbed the “home of the ents” after the tree people race from Tolkien’s Middle-earth. 

/r/trees is where many have come to over the years to learn about cannabis, legalization, and other topics related to the plant. The ents of /r/trees are also quite fond of their pineapples, a symbol used across the subreddit’s theme, and a tattoo of this writer who later found out it is also a symbol for the swinging community. Win-win.  

But no subreddit is safe from trolls, bots, and otherwise rule-breakers looking to harsh the room. To keep that in check, moderators act as the gatekeeper of Reddit’s subs. 

To some, mods are oppressive, censorship-loving fiends with a power complex. Others see them as the volunteer content-checkers that they are. To better understand /r/trees and their personal experiences, three current mods of the subreddit provided their insights to High Times. 

Active subreddit users often become mods, if interested. /u/LiveBeef has been a moderator for /r/trees since August 2017. They got the position after observing, better known as lurking in Reddit, then eventually contributing with posts and comments of their own. /u/LinuxCharms has been a mod for /r/trees for about a month and a half. She was more active on one of /r/trees’ sister subs but understood the theme of the main sub as well.

/u/ …

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Author: Andrew Ward / High Times

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