Psilocybin Therapy Pilot Program Bill Introduced in California

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A psilocybin treatment bill was recently introduced on June 6 by California Sen. Brian W. Jones and Sen. Josh Becker, which if passed would create a pilot program for psilocybin therapy.

Senate Bill 803, also called the Heal Our Heroes Act, was attached as an amendment to an unrelated bill last week. If passed, it would allow San Francisco County, Santa Cruz County, and San Diego County to conduct a pilot program for veterans and first responders to use psilocybin or psilocyn. Those counties would be in charge of approving various facilitators, including “licensed physician or surgeon, clinical psychologist, licensed clinical social worker, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, licensed professional clinical counselor, or a naturopathic doctor.” The program would last for three years, with data set to be compiled and reported starting after the beginning of the second year.

In a press release that introduces the bill on June 6, Jones stressed the importance of providing the opportunity for veterans to benefit from psilocybin treatments. “As a dedicated advocate for veterans and first responders, I firmly believe it is our duty to support and heal the brave individuals who served our country and communities,” Jones said. “To be clear, I’m not calling for the widespread legalization of psychedelic drugs. Rather, I’m championing a targeted medical treatment aimed specifically at aiding veterans and first responders in their recovery. The Heal Our Heroes Act is a thoughtful and balanced measure designed to rigorously study the effectiveness of these treatments with the hope of providing much-needed relief to those patients who need it most.”  

Becker followed up with high expectations to support veterans and first responders. “SB 803 is an entirely new and innovative effort that is the result of comprehensive discussions on how the state can best support our veterans and first responders with a …

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Author: Nicole Potter / High Times

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