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Georgia Governor Signs Bill Establishing Licensing Requirements To Grow Hemp

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, a Republican, signed a legislative package on Tuesday, which his office described as “focused on supporting Georgia’s ever growing agricultural industry and improving security against foreign adversaries.” The package, per the governor’s office, “tackles ownership of agricultural land or land near military installations by certain individuals acting as an agent of… Keep Reading

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Entering The Chambers Project / Experiencing the Godfathers Show

Brian Chambers takes dealing seriously. From humble beginnings flipping packs, to amassing one of the most impressive modern art collections in the world, Chambers has gone from a successful stoner to one of the driving forces in visionary art in under two decades. His latest effort, the Chambers Project, is an 8,000 square foot gallery… Keep Reading

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Brian Posehn and The Rock Sitting in a Tree, T-W-E-E-T-I-N-G

We’re impressed with writer, actor, podcaster, and comedian Brian Posehn, but when we heard that during the pandemic he figured out how to coordinate his weed and food delivery, we needed to learn more. Was the story more impressive than reality? Only if you think you can get the timing down on your first try.   … Keep Reading

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Comedian Brian Simpson Doesn’t Want To Kill It

Brian Simpson had a unique journey to the stage: He was a foster child and served in the Marine Corps. Over ten years ago, he attended a comedy show in San Diego that was so bad it convinced him to give it a go. Now, the host of the podcast BS with Brian Simpson is… Keep Reading

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