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Brian Chambers takes dealing seriously. From humble beginnings flipping packs, to amassing one of the most impressive modern art collections in the world, Chambers has gone from a successful stoner to one of the driving forces in visionary art in under two decades. His latest effort, the Chambers Project, is an 8,000 square foot gallery and community center located about an hour northeast of Sacramento, and it is nothing short of spectacular. 

Throughout his lifetime, Brian has amassed a collection of over 300 awe-inspiring works that will not only amaze, but often have you questioning how they were made with human hands. This includes pieces from renowned surrealist pioneer Salvador Dali, and arguably the most well known visionary artist of modern times, Alex Grey, as well as countless others. He opened the Chambers Project in 2021 with the intent of becoming the global home for the psychedelic art movement, and sharing his collection with the world. In less than three years they have already hosted several impressive and important shows to promote the genre, including events where furtherrr and other artists and collectives paint their epics live.

But Chambers isn’t just building a home to show off his art, he has been recruiting some of the brightest talents in the realm to actually take part in his community. An early collector of today’s movement-leaders like Mars-1, Oliver Vernon, and more, his affinity turned into a career with the growth of many of these artists’ visibility and price. Now, years later, what’s developed is a burgeoning art haven, attracting some of the most unbelievable talents of our time to not only share their work, but to live amongst the art.

I’d been hearing rumblings about this space for a while now. First Groovy called to tell me it was something …

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Author: Jon Cappetta / High Times

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