Rohan Marley to Launch Lion Order on 4/20

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First announced on “Twosday” February 22, or 2.22.22, Rohan Marley, son of the legendary Bob Marley, plans to launch Lion Order, a cannabis and CBD lifestyle brand that truly reflects the values of both the Marley family and cultivator Heavyweight Heads. Marley plans to launch the brand, fittingly, on April 20.

Marley played professional football in the Canadian Football League with the Ottawa Rough Riders, and currently performs as a musician periodically with his siblings. He shares his father’s affinity for the herb, both for spiritual and medical reasons. The Lion of Judah is a prominent symbol in the Rastafari faith—representing Emperor Haile Selassie I and as a symbol of strength.

“Lion Order represents the Lion of Judah,” Marley said. “The way of man, Strength, Power, Courage, Determination. Doing things the right way. Moving as a King or Queen, moving with dignity, self-respect and wanting to be a part of a movement and a lifestyle. It’s a way of life and how one should live.”

Marley continued, “Lion Order is a way for us to unite as a people, whether it’s with cannabis, water, psilocybin, coffee or food. We want to get together around a table, all different ethnicities, different religions, nations and have a real talk about life and love.” 

Lion Order’s alignment and synchronization with 2.22.22 is special to Marley as 2 is a special number to him personally. The number 2 was his football number when he played for the University of Miami alongside Warren Sapp, Ray Lewis, and The Rock. That’s also where the concept of Lion Order began, the company explains in a press release.

“Today, on 2.22.22 we are announcing Lion Order’s intentions on this historic day of alignment and synchronicity,” says Rohan Marley, “Lion Order is a movement to return to nature, a …

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Author: Benjamin M. Adams / High Times

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