Sir Chloe Is The Cathartic Release Your Ears Are Craving

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With a debut album ready to drop and a massive European tour on the horizon, rock and roll band Sir Chloe is ready to make a splash both on and off the stage. The group—which was formed by lead vocalist, songwriter and guitarist Dana Foote in her college dorm room and consists of Foote, Emma Welch, Teddy O’Mara, Palmer Foote, and Austin Holmes—has become known for their electric live performances and is eager to share their music with more of the world. “We have a new tour starting May 18th and we’re really looking forward to the album coming out,” Foote said.

The album—I Am The Dog—is Sir Chloe’s debut record, dropping everywhere May 19th, and is the next evolution of the band’s experience and sound. In a conversation with Foote over Zoom, we explore her journey of experiences—moving from visual arts to music—and the factors and inspirations that have gone into crafting what Sir Chloe is today. Foote sheds insight into her creative process, finding a sound that resonates, and how using cannabis as a tool to feel an experience with music can be replicated on an emotional level through music itself.

High Times: Growing up, did you always know you wanted to pursue music?

Dana Foote: I always enjoyed music and I come from a very musical family. My dad was a guitar player, my uncle is a composer and my brother [Palmer Foote] is a drummer who actually plays in my band now.

I was more into visual art as a kid—very into drawing and painting—and was hoping to go in that direction, but I was also in bands in high school. In college, I started Sir Chloe, started studying music my sophomore year, and …

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Author: Stephen Laddin / High Times

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