Sleep Releases Vinyl With Weed Fan Leaves Pressed Into It

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You might be cool, but you’ve never been “released an album with weed leaves pressed into it” cool. A new edition of Sleep’s third album Dopesmoker will do just that, featuring fan leaves pressed into the vinyl, and metalheads everywhere are rejoicing.

New Musical Express magazine reports that with the help of Jack White’s Third Man Records, Sleep re-released a new mix of the classic album with a deluxe vinyl pressing that has actual cannabis fan leaves pressed into the vinyl.

The pressing was manufactured in partnership with Doghouse Farms, producer of award-winning cannabis. (On a side note, Doghouse’s founder and Director of Cultivation, Jon Hudnall, is an advocate for living soil and good genetics.)

The new vinyl edition of Dopesmoker will be issued in two pressings: a standard black vinyl version will be available in-store and online, available for pre-order here. But if you want the deluxe limited edition version with weed leaves, called the “Weedian High-Fi” edition, it will only be available to order from Third Man Records’ brick-and-mortar store in Cass Corridor, Detroit.

“When we first got a tour at Third Man, I saw they’d released a limited Jack White 45 that had liquid in the vinyl,” says Sleep lead singer and bassist Al Cisneros.  “From there. it was a goal to make a ‘high’ fi version of one of our releases. Thanks to the team at Third Man Pressing in Detroit for making this happen.”

A new version of the album will be released digitally August 26, the first time it’s been available on any streaming platform. The vinyl release is yet to be dated, however pre-orders will launch on the same day.

“Announcing Sleep’s landmark album Dopesmoker will be available remastered from original tapes on streaming services this Friday, August 26,” …

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Author: Benjamin M. Adams / High Times

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