Stoners Fly ‘High as a Kite’ with New Marijuana Tattoo Collection Book

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High as a Kite: A Guide to Marijuana is not, as its many co-authors have stressed, “a guide to growing marijuana” but “a collaborative effort by creatives to showcase the beauty of cannabis through tattoos.”

Here’s another way of putting it: High as a Kite, a collection of cannabis-related tattoo art collected from across the country, is an extremely dope must-have new coffee table book born from the passion—and imagination—of a Houston-based tattoo artist named Danny G.  

Courtesy Danny G.

For most of his early life, Danny, who was born in Colombia and raised in Texas, didn’t know how to draw and had never picked up a paintbrush, but he was so obsessed with the look of and ideas behind tattoos that he reverse-engineered the process.

After putting his mom under considerable pressure from the rest of the family when he convinced her to buy him a tattoo kit at 14, Danny discovered an extensive and supportive community hidden in the tattoo industry.

This community stretched from New York to Los Angeles, with stops like Chicago, Denver and Ohio in between—and Danny explored them all as a traveling tattoo artist taking on freelance assignments.

When asked about his favorite spots, he finds himself torn between Baltimore and Detroit. Baltimore—because customers from more than three different states flock to the little seaside town like moths.

Detroit—not sure, but he is aware of the fact that the still recovering city has a certain allure that has kept on drawing him back over the years. In fact, when we rang him up for this article, that’s where he was. 

Traveling from state to state, Danny was able to take a closer look at all the artwork that was being made by tattoo artists from across America. …

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Author: Tim Brinkhof / High Times

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