Travis Barker on Healing Power of Cannabinoids, Barker Wellness

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Famed drummer and producer Travis Barker founded Barker Wellness, his own vegan wellness company combining the effects of broad spectrum CBD, cannabichromene (CBC), cannabigerol (CBG), and other ingredients.

Often drummers aren’t the star of the band, unless you’re Barker: Rolling Stone named Barker one of the “Greatest Drummers of All Time,” including his roles with The Aquabats and more importantly as one-third of Blink-182. While former Blink-182 alumni Tom DeLonge shifted to filmmaking and the unexplained, vocalist Mark Hoppus recently announced he’s cancer-free and is back in the studio.

Twenty years ago, Barker joined supergroup the Transplants with Tim “Lint” Armstrong (Rancid and Operation Ivy), rapper Rob Aston, Kevin Bimona (Interrupters), and others. Through the years, he’s done work with too many artists to mention, including Slash, Machine Gun Kelly, and Post Malone, and dabbled in reality TV with everything from MTV Cribs to Meet the Barkers and The Kardashians. Today he lives with his wife Kourtney Kardashian and children.

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Early in his career, Barker described himself growing up as a “stoner” at Fontana High in California to Men’s Health. Lately though, he seems more interested in healing with the help of cannabinoids, and he says a healthy lifestyle is “everything” to him. A brush with death in a 2008 plane crash prompted him to change from vegetarian to vegan.

Musicians and athletes across the board have turned to CBD and other cannabinoids for muscle relief, something that Barker picked up boxing and training for Muay Thai.

“After boxing for years, training Muay Thai, playing drums, and training for tours… recovery became a big issue for me, just figuring out how to keep going and not break down,” Barker tells High Times. “I was using so many different types of CBD products and …

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Author: Benjamin M. Adams / High Times

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