Trend Sees Brands Pairing Top-Shelf Weed, Fine Dining

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We recently wrote about the re-emergence of the legacy weed brand Champelli, for which San Francisco’s Chronic Culture produced an elaborate 5-course Italian dinner for about 40 guests, served with hash-hole joints worth over $100. Champelli’s strain Cassis was infused into salt served with the meal.

Neil Dellacava of Chronic Culture says that events that curate weed and dining are nothing entirely new, citing for example the Cannaisseur Series by Chef Coreen Carroll, which has been running and focusing on culinary and cannabis curated events since 2015, according to their website.

That said, Dellacava sees an uptick in weed related events in general in places like California—a state lacking in legal, recreational public venues for weed consumption.  

Dellacava says that Chronic Culture, his weed event company, started doing culinary events this year, including Champelli’s recent dinner and another dinner event with the brand CAM.

Dellacava says that he plans to now start hosting these weed and cuisine events monthly. It brings together two of his interests, he says.

“I’ve always been passionate about food and weed. Since we got the office space in San Francisco with a commercial kitchen it was a no-brainer,” Dellacava said.

Culinary weed events are more of a trend now, Dellacava says, because weed brands need a way to stand out from the crowded dispensary shelves.

“As stores move more towards a grab and go model there has to be a way to have a more exclusive personal brand experience, especially for the higher priced brands going for the exclusivity model,” Dellacava said.

At the start of 2022, Emma Guzman of the indie weed brand Fidel’s started her own company called Smoke Good Eat Good, which orchestrates a high-end meal for a group of invited guests that is served with (and infused with) Fidel’ …

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Author: Dan Wilson / High Times

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