Unlike Rose in Titanic, Shrooms Offered Comedian Jessimae Peluso a Door

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Comedian Jessimae Peluso has had cannabis filling her lungs long before she took the stand-up stage at age 19. She actually got into the “weed game” by accident while in the back of a Geo Tracker in high school, but marijuana ended up being a running theme in her life. Throughout her career on shows like MTV’s Girl Code, The Joe Rogan Experience, Netflix’s Tattoo Redo, and on her own Sharp Tongue Podcast, Peluso is always advocating and always stoning.

She recently entered the world of microdosing psilocybin and credits it for helping her deal with grief and recognizing and releasing past trauma. It’s been an epiphany-filled journey for Peluso, and one she vows to delve further into in order to work on herself. Before heading cross-country on her “Gyrl Tour” with fellow comedian (and ex-castmate on Girl Code) Carly Aquilino, Peluso talked with us about her BFF MJ, her intentions of slowing down with the help of microdosing, and how she learned to breathe again thanks to a little magic mushroom.

High Times: Let’s start at the beginning. When did you pop your Mary cherry?

Jessimae Peluso: The first time I remember smoking weed, I was a freshman in high school and it was a “second-hand scenario” because I was in the back of a Geo Tracker with about 32 people. I’m not sure if that’s the exact number or a result of being second-hand high and my brain’s inability to count, but one of the people weighed north of 250 pounds and I was inside of him somehow. I was engulfed in his lovely mass. That was the first experience I ever had with weed. In a car, filled with friends, clearly stoned, and driving the streets of upstate New York listening to The …

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Author: Ali Lerman / High Times

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