What Cannabinoids Would Jesus Do?

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“One thing Christians are often accused of is being narrow and judgmental,” says GodsGreenery.com editor Natalie Gillespie. “I think that’s because we’re afraid to even learn about something that we think might not be good for us.” Though she had never been a big cannabis user before she got the job, the longtime Tallahassee-based journalist has populated the faith-based CBD educational site with health and scriptural findings, many conveniently aggregated into features like “Top 10 Scriptures that Could Give Christians a Thumbs-Up for CBD.”

Gillespie is part of a growing wave of Christians promoting cannabis. Her contemporaries include anti-porn pastor Craig Gross, who has gained acolytes hyping, in his words, “a conversation about the emotional, physical and — dare I say? — spiritual effects that I’ve had with this controversial plant” at SoCal’s music fest Coachella in May. Gross promotes his own “coming soon” line of marijuana products, including mints called “People.” (From the product description: “the perfect aide to help you turn your eyes outward, so that you may love your neighbor as well as you do, yourself.”) The ex-porn crusader told Vice that, “inside the Christian world — and it’s the thing I hate about it — you have to have your own products.”

Perhaps this is all a bit confounding for those who remember the dire anti-drug sermons that have roared from the gullets of Christian television preachers throughout the decades of the prohibition era. But times are changing. Recent polls show U.S. residents are more concerned about e-cigarettes than Reefer Madness — and 65 percent of the country identifies as Christian.

Even so, the nerve of a faith-based site sending a press release to such a decidedly heathen publication as High Times would seem forged of Jesus’ finest stainless steel. One line from the God’s …

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Author: Caitlin Donohue / High Times

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