What’s going on for 4/20 in New York?

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I don’t need to explain to you what 4/20 is about. If you’re reading this, you already know the day is for celebrating the plant—anything else is just noise.

While I’ve long advocated that this is NOT the day to try and launch your brand, or drop a new SKU, if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that the first ingredient for a successful celebration is community; so it’s only natural we do something big.

Now, we’ve had a LOT of legal 4/20’s in California already, but New York…

The Quick & Dirty

So here’s the rundown: My buddy Doja EK came to me with this idea a few months back of doing a Hippie Hill-style smokeout in Manhattan. Obviously, I was immediately interested—it’s where High Times was born; it’s where I was born, and 4/20 in the Big Apple has ALWAYS been special, so now that legalization has come and COVID is basically over, let’s get after it.

Now Doja had already done an event with Astor Club last year, and had been recruiting. He’d talked to California legends like Alien Labs, Green Dawg, The Fire Society. He’d connected with New York heavies like the Haymaker team, On the Revel & Buddy’s Bodega. Everyone was in alignment, we’re going to do it for the culture—no infrastructure, no tickets, just homies & headstash, all as one.

Somewhere along the line, an announcement was rushed with a ton of logos on it and, understandably, that left a lot of others feeling on the outside of something that was always supposed to involve all of us, so we’ve flipped the script a bit. No more logos, no more brand names—just an open …

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Author: Jon Cappetta / High Times

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