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It’s a big day! Change has come. At the bare minimum, on a very small scale, but change nonetheless. My name is Cody Lee. I’m the new Digital Editor here at High Times. It’s unbelievable that William S. Burroughs wrote for this magazine. I grew up idolizing him, and now here we are.

The first time I smoked weed, I was maybe 11 or 12 years old, with some older neighbors who also showed me how to wear rubber bands on my jeans. I didn’t get high because I swallowed the smoke instead of inhaling it, and no one believes me when I say this, but I swear I farted weed-smell for the next hour or two.

I smoked a little in high school, a lot in college. Now I smoke more than some people, less than others, which I think is a good place to be. I’m from Chicago, but moved to Los Angeles about seven months ago with my wife, Abbey.

One of the most beautiful things that I’ve seen so far in California was this painting by Giovanni Segantini at the Getty Museum. The fact that, at one point, it was a blank canvas makes no sense at all. (He also did the one up there ↑.)

Speaking of paintings, if you’ve never seen a Van Gogh in real life, or if it’s been a while, I highly recommend that you go look at one immediately. There’s really nothing like it.

Books are cool. If you like getting high, read poetry. You can think about one sentence for two hours, or read an entire book in the same amount of time. Either is acceptable. I just finished The Matrix by N.H. Pritchard and it was absolutely wild. His writing’s …

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