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As the world of legal cannabis expands at a breakneck pace, some of the names we hold nearest and dearest to our hearts predate the legal industry. They are survivors from the California medical cannabis era that most of the time faced a ton of persecution just trying to exist in the 20 years between medical and adult-use getting legalized. And for many in the world’s largest cannabis market in Los Angeles, the name closest to their heart is Jungle Boys.

Be it the vibes, the heat or beyond fair prices as the cost of eighths across the market continue to creep up despite the whole weed not being illegal anymore thing, there are plenty of reasons to like Jungle Boys. 

High Times caught up with Jungle Boys’ founder Iván Vanorwick, for a call in the heart of Croptober. They were a few months removed from their inaugural drops in Northern California after finally being able to grow enough pot to meet their own shop’s demand after 15 years of hype and two more dispensaries coming online over that period. 

Like most of those catchup conversations post lockdown, the chat started with how things went during the pandemic. As with the rest of the industry, Jungle Boys’ home base Toluca Lake Collective (TLC) saw its busiest week ever in the lead-up to the world closing. 

But even ahead of that run-on product, Jungle Boys has been in the midst of consolidating their cultivation efforts. The nature of the industry forced longtime operators to scoop up viable warehouse space as it became available in the years prior to legalization. The Jungle Boys were no exception. One of their big post-legalization goals was consolidating their satellite grows into a few larger locations. 

“Yeah, so it’s actually been great so we kind …

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Author: Jimi Devine / High Times

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