What’s in Your Stash? Autumn Saylor, Stay-at-Home Mom, Treating PTSD With Cannabis

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Stay-at-home mom, Autumn Saylor, is a true New Englander. Born and raised in Massachusetts, she loves her Dunkin’ Donuts and her cannabis and coffee breaks, once the kids are off to school. 

Diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in 2014, from a traumatic incident she’d rather keep private, Saylor said she actually first tried cannabis at 17, long before the diagnosis.

“I was handed a spoon pipe at a party and was so nervous!” she shared. “Of course, I had no idea what to do and it showed. I drew too much and it was long and harsh. I remember a lot of coughing, followed by a lot of laughter.”

It wasn’t until 2015, when she was in her late 20s, that she considered cannabis in a medicinal way.

Courtesy of Autumn Saylor“I’ve always had difficulty sleeping, and one night as I was pouring a glass of wine, I realized I wasn’t drinking wine because I liked it – I was drinking it so I could fall asleep. Alcoholism runs in my family. My father died from alcoholism just a few years ago. When I had that realization it kind of freaked me out. But it also put a fire under my butt to try something else that might help me with the insomnia.”

After a few close friends gifted her some flower and shared their own cannabis experiences with her, she began testing it out at home. She was hopeful she’d also get some much needed relief with the subsequent anxiety and depression from her PTSD diagnosis.

“After the first week of uninterrupted sleep, and waking up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning, I didn’t look back,” she shared. “I’m a born skeptic, and for a while I was waiting for that moment …

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Author: Sharon Letts / High Times

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