What’s in Your Stash? Christina Forbrich, Founder & CEO of Canncierge Consulting

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Christina Forbrich found her niche in the cannabis space after helping herself with the plant as a teenager. She dove deep into the science of the plant in college and came full-circle back to cannabis as remedy as an adult for myriad symptom relief.

Her consulting company, The Canncierge, is a play on words from a hotel’s concierge—someone who assists with whatever a guest needs. Not a far stretch from Forbrich’s business of customizing, what she calls, a “canna-plan” for each client.

“My work is personalized cannabis education, enabling folks to make informed consumption decisions,” she shared from her home in San Diego. “Each consultation begins with an interview,” she continued. “Then I synthesize their information to create a plan for integrating cannabis into their lifestyle.”

Clients are educated on plant compounds and applications, while providing references to legitimate research and resources aligned with their needs, with a focus on women and seniors.

“I have some male clients and have worked with entire families,” she added. “I don’t make too much of a differentiation between the medicinal aspects of the plant and recreational use. The main goal is to not have them overmedicate, get discouraged, and give-up for lack of information.”

Self-Medicating at 15

The forty year-old mother, wife, and entrepreneur grew up in Southern California. Her first time self-medicating with cannabis was at age 15, which is a surprisingly common admission for most adult patients who struggle with symptoms from the Autism Spectrum. This includes anxiety, depression, ADD or ADHD, and PTSD from any number of traumas.

“My first experience was out of curiosity,” she explained. “Very quickly – within a few months – I found cannabis to be an effective remedy for crippling social anxiety, stemming from a chaotic home life. As a bonus, it also treated excruciating …

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Author: Sharon Letts / High Times

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